Officially Twitter introduces a verification system for $8 per month

Twitter began offering users who log in for $8 per month the option of a blue verification mark, just days after new owner Elon Musk pitched the idea of a new verification system.

“Power to the people,” Twitter said in the release notes of its latest update released on Saturday. “Your account will receive a blue check mark, just like the celebrities, companies and politicians you already follow.”

Coupled with the new verification system, Twitter promises to halve the number of ads subscribers see “soon”. The company said there is also the option to post longer videos and get priority in responses, mentions and searches, according to Bloomberg.

The latest update shows how fast Musk is moving to transform the platform of social media which he bought for $44 billion.

In the week after formally taking over the site, the billionaire fired nearly half of his staff, along with most of his executives. He promoted Twitter Blue’s subscription plan as a way to cope with falling ad revenue and to eliminate fake accounts and bots.

Twitter is rolling out its new verification system in a critical moment, with the United States expected to hold elections on Tuesday. With the elimination of the team key, including the team responsible for regulation and legal policy, prompted current and former employees to question whether the site will provide the resources needed to maintain critical systems such as content moderation in execution in effectively in the mid-term Senate elections.

With the new subscription plan, anyone will be able to pay $8 to make their account more legitimate, which increases the risk of impersonating candidates or government entities.

In response to tweets criticizing the new system, Musk said relying on Apple’s payment system or Android is the best way to ensure verification.

Twitter Blue is currently available to users in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK, although Musk tweeted on Saturday that the service will finally be available in Worldwide.

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