Officials: Biden will sign $ 100 million weapons shipment in Ukraine

US President Joe Biden is expected to sign a new arms shipment in Ukraine in the next few days, worth at least $ 100 million, US officials told Reuters.

Officials, who have spoken in on condition of anonymity, they added that the new shipment would likely include more ammunition for weapons such as howitzers.

US officials revealed that the US provided valuable information that helped Ukrainian forces locate and target the main ship, Moskva, in the Russian Black Sea fleet last month, another sign that the administration is easing self-imposed restrictions. how far it will go in help Ukraine against Russia.

According to the report, the targeted assistance, which contributed to the sinking of the flagship Moskva, is part of a covert effort in course by the Biden administration to provide information on the battlefield in real time to Ukraine.

Officials said this intelligence also includes sharing planned Russian troop movements in the Donbass region.

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