Offset wears socks and cardi B dances in a Santa Claus costume – Check out the Vid!

Offset and Cardi B celebrated a wonderful Christmas with their granddaughter, Kulture and documented everything for their fans. That said, the rapper’s father did everything, not only by dressing in a Santa Claus costume, but also dancing for his family, showing his movements.

The Migos member also wore an iconic pair of socks adorned with Cardi B and everything came together for a great holiday look!

The clip showed Offset surrounded by all kinds of gifts, some unwrapped and others not.

In the clip that was captured by the female master of ceremonies, Offset bounced off a beat while wearing a Santa Claus costume.

In the background, a child can be heard professing his love for the holidays, shouting: “I love Christmas!” And making Cardi laugh.

But the best part was definitely at the end when the male rapper got closer to the camera to show off his trendy socks.

What was oddly cute and funny about the shoes was that they were covered with photos of his tongue sticking out.

“Mood,” said the legend.

The happy family did not stop there with the sharing of the joy of Christmas!

They just had to share Kulture clips too!

On Cardi’s IG stories, there were a few videos of the toddler and she looked super cute in a red and white dress and with a black bow in her hair.

She was obviously very excited about her new doll, which can be seen kissing on the forehead.


“It’s so cute!” Cardi couldn’t help but spurt out of her daughter’s sweet action.

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