Oil minister in Al-Arabiya: India is not responsible for softening the language of the climate summit declaration

In an interview with Al Arabiya, Indian Oil and Natural Gas Minister Hardeep Singh Puri denied his country’s responsibility to soften the tone of the final declaration of the Glasgow climate summit, especially on the issue. End of the use of charcoal. He stressed that some “have tried to manipulate in this sense “.

India’s Minister of Oil and Natural Gas said: “Politics is interfering in these issues to throw ash in the eyes or to divert attention from one issue to another. It is very fitting that some blame India and argue that it is behind the attenuation of the language of the Glasgow Final Communiqué on coal from the ‘phasing out’and modifying it in “the gradual easing”, but this is not true at all. I think some news has leaked in followed by sources who participated in the drafting of the press release, stating it. “

He added: “I will take the opportunity to host me to make sure that some have tried to manipulate in this makes sense, but India was never responsible for what happened in this particular issue “.

Negotiators from nearly 200 countries meeting in Glasgow struck a deal trying to preserve the goal of the Paris climate agreement, as it publicly mentioned plans to deal with coal for the first time, after two weeks of talks on the changes. United Nations climate conditions COP26.

It was reluctantly agreed after agreeing to what was called a last-minute request for both China and India to adjust the language to the decision to use coal, to gradually reduce rather than phase out.

On India’s targets to achieve net emissions of zero by 2070, the Indian minister said: “It is clear that there is no specific sequence of solutions that we will pursue, they will all be launched at the same time”.

He continued: “I agree with you that the goals set by the Prime Minister are ambitious goals. But our performance history testifies to that. We have moved strongly on the climate front from Paris. In Glasgow we have raised our goals.” .

Interestingly, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed that his country aims to achieve net carbon emissions zero in 2070, noting that his country is responsible for only 5% of global emissions.

It revealed that India will increase the share of renewables in its energy mix from around 38% last year to 50% by 2030.

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