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Oil prices increase their earnings. Brent exceeds the level of 83 dollars a barrel


Oil prices increased their gains, topping the $ 83 per barrel level, and US crude oil to $ 79.59.

Euro Oil Stock data showed today, Tuesday, that crude oil and commodity stocks Oil in European refineries It fell more than 11% year-on-year in December.

Stocks amounted to 1.02 billion barrels, in 1% drop from November 2021 levels.

Crude oil consumption rates in refineries fell 4% last month from November levels to 9.22 million barrels per day, but were 8% in more than December 2020 levels.

In turn, the Libyan National Oil Corporation announced the lifting of the force majeure on exports of 3 oil fields, in one moment in which the oil market was under pressure due to the disruption of production either in Libya that in Kazakhstan.

Production at Kazakhstan’s largest oil field has returned to normal after production was halted by protests last week, Chevron, who manages the field, said Tuesday.

“The business environment is stable in Tengiz and the manufacturing facilities are operating at normal rates,” Chevron said in a note.

Production at Tengiz field, Kazakhstan’s largest, was cut last week after some contractors shut down train services to support the protests in all over the country.

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