Olivia Jade – This is how she reacted when Wendy Williams called her “privileged and stupid” in Harsh Diss

The host of the show did nothing wrong when she blamed Olivia Jade for returning to her YouTube channel nine months after the scandal of cheating at the entrance of his family. Wendy Williams even described the 20-year-old social media influencer as “privileged” and “stupid!”

Now, an insider claims to know what Olivia Jade thinks about Wendy’s very hard words.

Obviously, the host of the show thought she had returned too quickly on his platform, but despite the nuance “offensive”, the insider told HollywoodLife that Olivia does not plan to leave YouTube.

“Wendy Williams’s comments are hurtful. Olivia is angry. But leaving YouTube is not an option because making videos is her passion; that’s what makes her happy so giving up is much worse than just dealing with hatred. It’s still very scary for her, which is why she kept her video short and she has no specific timetable for the date of the next publication, “said the source.

They then explained that “this first video was a way for Jade to face his fear. It’s something she thinks about almost non-stop and the more she avoids it, the more frightening she gets, so she decided to jump in and do something. Jade has seen the comments that people have made against her online and, as difficult as it may be to accept, she is not really surprised. “

It is true! It makes sense that Wendy is not the only one who criticizes her online, so she may not be so attentive to the host, because hate is from every angle.

After all, Olivia Jade had the courage not to turn off her comments in the last video she posted. Many unpleasant messages must therefore appear.


But after all that she experienced this year, the insider pointed out that the influencer had managed to have thicker skin.

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