Ollie-Robinson Controversy: 5 Cases in which racism has been damaged cricket

While several people won’t agree with die Punishment, especially since it happened a few years ago and the Sussex bowler apologized for it in a press conference, in which he said he had matured since then. But there is no denying it cricket always had a narrow shadow of Racism threatens behind it.

Here are a couple of cases in who have made racism ugly head on the field.

1. ‘If you are down’they crawl’

England captain Tony Greig would regret the above sentence for a long time. Greig told a British journalist during a pre-match Interview ahead of the first exam against West Indies in 1976. Although die Windies teams no racism charges under Clive Llyod, Greig’s remark appropriately fired her up, especially that fast Bowler. The result was disastrous. England was blown away by a barrage of Bouncer. “We thought, ‘This guy needs training in his place. ‘ He was a white South African. It popped of Racism and apartheid. He got our back up and made us more determined “, Michael Holding would say later.

2. ‘Hey Osama’

Moeen Ali’s revelation in his book caused a storm in Australian cricket circles. Moeen wrote one of the Aussie players told him: ‘Hey Osama, take this! I couldn’t believe what I had just belongs.’ It happened in die ash series of In 2015, Moeen wrote and Cricket Australia opened an investigation into the episode. But it ended internally without any further damage, since Moeen also said he had got it over it long back.

3. ‘Except that one Guy’

Jofra Archer shed light on a lesser known existence below cricket fans in New Zealand – racism. England fast Bowler, playing his first overseas Test at the Bay Oval, officials complained that one of die Spectators showered racist remarks on he: ‘Amazing amount, except that one Guy.’ Cricket New Zealand was quick to respond, apologizing to Archer and tightening up die Logs in the stadium.

4. Abe Kaale …

Pakistan captain and wicketkeeper batsman Sarfaraz Ahmed heard this in Durban calling out to the South African all-rounder Andile Phehlukwayo in 2019: “Abey kaale, teri ammi aaj kahaan baitheen hain? Kya parwa ke aaye hai aaj?” (Hello black Man where is yours mother sit today? What prayer do you have to say to her? for you today? “, Sarfaraz dasraz called in Urudu and commentator Ramiz Raja wasn’t ready for it translate it even though his colleague asks him to and says it’s too long to do translate. It later caused a storm, however die Sorry from Sarfaraz half him escape of serious allegations.

5. Brown dog…

Indian pacemakers Mohammad Siraj and Jasprit Bumrah complained that a section of die quantity in Sydney made them racist comments like brown dog and big Monkey during the third test last year. The match was stopped for Sometime on Day 3 and Day 4 to die To track down the perpetrator. The in- Stadium officials first warned that a certain section of Crowd and then showed them die Door and was finally arrested six Spectator.

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