Ollie Robinson showed real remorse, us need do cricket more including: Joe Root

Robinson, who made an impressive test debut with a match drag of 7th wickets against New Zealand at Lord’s has been suspended from the head of the country cricket body for something of date his tweets back until 2012-13, for die he has already made an unconditional offer public Sorry.

“Regarding what happened off the field, it is not acceptable in our game. We all know The. He turned on immediately die Changing room. He obviously spoke to you guys and other media Sockets immediately, fronted up about that, “said Root afterwards drawn first Exam.

“He showed a lot of Repentance from this point on. You can see it’s very real from how he is in close to group and the team. “The skipper said he was shocked and didn’t know initially how react.

“I could you (die Tweets) personally do not believe. I don’t really have it know how take something on die Surface. I think the most important thing is that Ollie is a part of it of this changing room and we had to support him. We had to try to do everything we could give give him an opportunity to learn and understand that he has to do better, “he said.

Root acknowledged that this is a lesson for one and everything and it starts at the top. “I think it is a great lesson for everyone in our game we can all do that more. “We all have to educate ourselves and try die environment for all, die try to be as inclusive as possible so that everyone is comfortable play What a wonderful sport we have. “

England cricket team is one of most diverse in nature and Root wants that structurally, it will more included in his outlook. “It begins with us players above of the game. We set out die week with this moment of Unity and we do a lot a of work behind the cricket that we want make a … big change in the game and we want to make it more included, more diverse.

“I think the most important thing is that we continue to do everything we can to improve our sport, that we keep learning and keep finding ways.” of make our game how best as we can. “While die issue Could have been handled better, root is unique in his view that this shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

“We can look back over how that could have been handled better, but die fact is it shouldn’t have happened. And if we keep trying die game now also in in it shouldn’t be for the coming years issue.

“It shouldn’t be something that’s happening inside cricket. We must move forward learn from it, learn from it and do everything possible to make it sure it doesn’t happen again.” After this first Days play at Lord’s last That week, Robinson had regretted posting the tweets and apologized.

“I deeply regret my actions and I am ashamed of them of make such remarks. I would like apologize unconditionally anyone I’ve insulted my teammates and die game as a whole in What was a day of Action and awareness in Combating discrimination from our sport. “

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