Oman Attorney General: Two exceptions to the ban on the publication of Prince Hamzah’s case

After Jordan announced yesterday that die Publication banned in Prince Hamzah’s case, Amman’s Attorney General Hassan Al-Abdallat said today, Wednesday that die Decision made yesterday contains everything related to the investigation, its confidentiality, integrity and evidence on him, his parties and anything related to it.

In a statement to the official news agency (Petra), he added that the ban excludes what expresses opinions and freedom of expression and expression within the framework of legal provisions and liability provisions, in particular Articles 38 C, D and 39 of the press and right of publication.

He also pointed out that the ban in this case that the country in has occupied the past few days, also excludes statements from the authorities in this regard and die decision in It remains in force and valid until something else is decided.

Audiovisual and Networking Sites

Announced yesterday die Public Prosecutor’s Office a publication ban in this case in Regarding Prince Hamzah and others. Prosecutors at the time stated that the publication ban covers all audiovisual media and all social networking sites, pointing out that die Publication or distribution of images or “videos” on this subject will be prosecuted.

This happened hours after the Jordanian monarch’s half-brother signed a letter, in to which he confirmed his loyalty to King Abdullah II: “We all stand behind the king when it comes to protecting Jordan and its national interests.” He also emphasized die Need to “stay Jordan’s interests above all else” adding “I will.” in the era of fathers and grandfathers. “He continued,” Given the developments of the past two days, I am laying down in die Hands of His Majesty the King. “

It is noteworthy that die Government announced on Sunday evening that die Security services had carried out activities against the home country what die Required arrest of dozens of officers.

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