Oman FA agrees to return supporters at Basra airport to Sultanate – (Tweet)

‘Al-Quds Al-Arabi’: The Oman Football Federation announced on Thursday that it has taken the decision to bring back Omani fans heading to the ‘Gulf 25’ Gulf Cup Final to the Sultanate, in order to preserve them, after the events that took place near the “Palm Trunk” stadium in Basra, in in which one person was killed and dozens were injured. The Federation of Oman has declared in an urgent statement, which he posted on his official Twitter account, that “after consulting the relevant authorities in the Sultanate of Oman, and in order to preserve the safety of the Omani masses, and in support of the brothers in the Republic of ‘Iraq for the success of the final meeting, it was decided that the public present at Basra International Airport will return to the Sultanate. Amman”. The Oman Federation has also asked fans in the vicinity of the stadium not to go to the stadium, due to the crowding of the stands. #Urgent | Declaration to the masses of Oman — Oman Football Association (@OmanFA) January 19, 2023 Tens of thousands of fans stormed the stadium to watch the final match between Iraq and Oman, which resulted in one death and dozens injured. The video clips circulated on social media they showed the audience rushing towards the stadium and breaking the main entrance gate, preventing in that moment control of the situation.