Oman snatches the victory against Japan

The Oman national team made a big surprise by beating in home his Japanese counterpart (1-0) in the meeting that brought them together today, Thursday, in the first round of the Asian finals of qualifying for the 2022 World Cup.

The Omani red owes his victory to midfielder Issam Al-Subhi, who scored his only winning goal in the deadly, just two minutes before the end of the original half of the match that took place at the “Panasonic Suita” stadium. in Japan city of Suita.

Al-Ahmar has achieved his first victory over the samurai so far and the Oman team has not lost in the last 7 games played, including 4 friendlies during his camp in Serbia, and it has won them all.

The Oman national team won the three points of the match and positioned itself in lead the ranking of the first group, in waiting for the results of the other races. The first group includes, in addition to the Sultanate of Oman and Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, China and Vietnam.

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