Omarion and the rest of the 2020 Millenium Tour artists say “Wassup” in a new video update

Social media today declares the

#Roommates It’s been about a week since Omarion fired the uninhibited shot that was heard around the world when he announced the second half of the popular Millennium Tour without his B2K band members, including Fizz. Well, he just gave a new update to his enthusiastic fans … and it’s a throwback for the 2000s.

Social media is still talking about the ultimate decision of Omarion’s chess players to remove Fizz (and the rest of B2K) from the new Millennium Tour and announce it on his birthday – and O has given them even more reason to Carry on.

He posted on Instagram a video that was a parody of popular Budweiser commercials from the early 2000s with a group of guys saying “Waassuuuuuuuppp.”, Ricky, Ying Yang Twins, Lloyd, Soulja Boy and co-starring Bow Wow.

You will also remember that J-Boog and Raz B congratulated Omarion on the new tour and even announced their intention to attend the show at some point – but Fizz certainly did not. Neither he nor his girlfriend, Apryl Jones (Omarion’s grandmother) have publicly addressed him as being deliberately part of the tour. Apryl instead sent him a long birthday message on the day of the announcement of the Millennium Tour.

He may not have responded, but he surely knows that he is currently the subject of one of the hottest topics on social media.

Roommates, what do you think of this?

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