Omicron Variant Surfaces Amid an Airline Rebound

The discovery of the Omicron variant comes at a delicate moment for an aviation industry die used to be just starting to see a revival.

The question is of the new variant of the coronavirus scares travelers off, as the Delta variant did this summer.

different nations, including the United States, have banned visitors from South Africa and a handful of neighboring countries. Japan, Morocco and Israel have barred all incoming foreign visitors, while the Philippines have visitors from southern Africa and various European countries countries.

The international trip recovery has gone slower than it has been in the United States. President Biden’s decision to relieve long-term restrictions on foreign travelers promised this month die to stimulate revival. It’s not yet clear how of will the Omicron variant affect travel? demand, but if traveling bans worry and worry over the variant continues to spread, hopefully for an accelerated international rebound can be interrupted once again.

Only two US airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines, fly out of South Africa. Both have said they have no plans to change their schedules just yet in response to the government’s ban that effect on Monday and does not apply to US citizens of lawful permanent residents. Delta operates three weekly flights between Atlanta and Johannesburg. United operates five flights a week between Newark and Johannesburg, and it has not changed to be plans Restart flights between Newark and Cape Town on Wednesday. No of the countries That has announced the new travel restrictions are important resources of business for US airlines.

No major US airline has announced any substantive changes to procedures because of the variant. And all passengers die fly to the United States, must provide proof of a negative coronavirus test, with not-burgers also required to be fully vaccinated.

Within the United States, air travel is almost recovered, even with many companies are still wary of send employees on work to travel. The number of people screened at airport security checks over the past week wax down only 10 percent from the same week in 2019, according to the Transportation Security Administration. And the industry successfully has endured the infatuation of travelers, avoiding the disturbances die some airlines took for to dawn in last months.

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