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On 20 December, in Amman, the second regional summit on Iraq

Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein announced yesterday that a second regional summit on Iraq will be held in Amman on December 20, with the participation of Iran and Turkey.

Hussein stated in a joint press conference with the foreign ministers of Jordan and Egypt: “The second version of the Baghdad Conference will be held in Amman on the 20th of this month”.

He added: “Turkey and Iran participated in the first conference in Baghdad, and we expect them to participate in the next conference as well.”

And he continued: “This partnership and cooperation conference was held primarily to support Iraq and its continued support, and when we talk about support for Iraq and continued support for Iraq by the countries participating in this conference, this also means supporting Iraq’s sovereignty.”

Hussein explained, “There are major challenges we face, challenges related to food security, anti-drug security and energy security, and because these are challenges that go beyond the borders of the country, we need regional and international relations to address these challenges.” “.

“We are in constant contact with the two capitals (Tehran and Ankara) to find solutions to protect Iraq’s sovereignty and prevent these organizations from carrying out operations against neighboring countries”, he stressed.


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