On Average, About 32 Million People Watched Each Episode of The Last of Us

A recent financial update by Warner Bros. Discovery disclosed that the television series based on The Last of Us is averaging ‘almost 32 million cross-platform viewers per episode’ in the United States alone. It is also said to be the program that has received the most viewers during the history of HBO Max in both LATAM and Europe.

On Average, About 32 Million People Watched Each Episode of The Last of Us_

The show has gone from strength to strength ever since it was originally introduced on January 15 with the premiere of the very first episode of The Last of Us. It has increased game sales and introduced millions of new followers to the universe of The Last of Us, which is filled with a compelling narrative.

And it is by no means even close to being over.

Rapid Expansion, and No, We’re Not Talking About Fungi

After its release in 2013, The Last of Us, an exclusive game for the PlayStation 3, quickly gained a reputation for being among the very finest post-apocalyptic video games ever created. It started winning dozens and dozens of prizes almost immediately. It took a whole decade, but when a television program based around the game’s events finally appeared, it became just as successful as the game itself.

On Average, About 32 Million People Watched Each Episode of The Last of U s_

We already know there will be a second and a third season of this blockbuster series since we already know there will be a second season. The events of those seasons are expected to continue to follow the games’.

During a recent earnings call held to evaluate the performance of Warner Bros. Discovery in the first quarter of 2023, it was reported that each episode of The Last of Us has been averaging up to 32 million viewers when broadcast in the United States. On HBO Max, it has broken all previous records for most viewers in the LATAM and Europe areas.

As The Last of Us continued to roll out, there was a significant increase in the number of subscribers. The total number of people subscribing to WBD’s streaming service reached 97.6 million recently.

This is the most successful video game adaptation to television in the medium’s history. It is leading the way for others to follow in its footsteps. Fallout, Horizon, God of War, and Gears of War are just some of the video game franchises expected to transition to the big screen (or tiny screen?) in the months and years ahead.

Listen to the earnings call to find out what else was discussed.

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