On behalf of . the Houthis are liquidating 24 loyal tribal sheikhs

Official statistics showed that within two years the Houthi militia liquidated 24 tribal sheikhs who supported them in the coup against the state and legitimate authority.

Al-Thawra, a newspaper affiliated with the Yemeni government, said in a report on its website that “the brutal killings that the Houthi militia committed against the sheikhs and their loyalists in areas of their control have been horribly carried out, though His victims were among his staunch supporters and supporters of his bloody march. “

The newspaper reported the murder of 12 tribal sheikhs by the Houthi militia from March 2020 to February 2021, including four who broke into their homes and killed them in front of their children and women, as well as bombing and looting Homes of some of them while 3 sheikhs were killed while leading reconciliation efforts between tribes and three others. I viciously killed them while horribly executing two others in the field.

She pointed out: “These crimes monitored in this report do not include all murders involving tribesmen and are only part of what angered society and went beyond the blackout imposed by militia in their controlled media, not to mention the mysterious liquidation crimes committed by its complex security apparatus, “including what is happening on the front lines.”

The newspaper said: “The situation in 2020 is not much different from the situation faced by the Houthi militia in 2019 for the tribal sheikhs.”

She stated that “in a previous report, she was overseeing the Houthi militia which are liquidating, kidnapping, raiding and destroying the homes of 22 tribal sheikhs, including 12 liquidation crimes, 5 kidnappings, 3 cases of house bombing and the raid in.” two houses. “

She noted that “the majority of these victims were among the strongest supporters of the militia’s coup and their war against the Yemenis to serve as a bitter harvest for these deadly and deadly mistakes,” the newspaper said.

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