On One Month, Backups From WhatsApp Will Begin Eating Into The Space You Have Available on Google Drive

If you are an Android phone user who relies on Google Drive for cloud storage, you may want to pay attention to an upcoming change that could impact your backup options. Google Drive, the primary storage solution for many Android users, has been a convenient option for Workspace documents, photo backups, and even WhatsApp backups. However, starting next month, WhatsApp backups will begin to count against your Google Drive storage limit, potentially affecting users relying on this popular messaging app to back up their messages and media.

The Impact of WhatsApp Backups on Drive Storage

WhatsApp has long been the messaging app of choice for billions of users worldwide, offering the ability to schedule backups to the cloud. The option to back up messages and media to Google Drive has been a popular feature, especially for those who frequently switch phones or wish to retain access to old news. While these backups were previously free and didn’t count against storage limits, this will change in December 2022.

Google’s Announcement and the Impact on Users

An announcement from Google indicates that WhatsApp backups will soon begin to consume the storage space allocated to your Google Account. This change will affect beta testers initially, with stable channel users to follow in early 2023. It’s important to note that this change only applies to users with free-tier Google accounts, which typically offer 15 GB of shared Drive storage. For those with a Workspace subscription, this change will not impact their storage allocation.

Sustainable Backup Options and Storage Considerations

With WhatsApp backups starting to impact Google Drive storage, users must consider their storage options. Since billions of users generate a substantial amount of data through WhatsApp backups, offering a free backup option on Google Drive is no longer sustainable. As a result, users may need to be more judicious about what they choose to store in their Google Drive, mainly if they rely heavily on WhatsApp for message and media backups.

Considering Additional Storage Options and Limitations

To mitigate the impact of WhatsApp backups on Google Drive storage, users may need to explore alternative options. This could include investing in a NAS (Network Attached Storage) to back up data on local storage, providing a more flexible and scalable solution. Another option is a Google One subscription, offering additional Drive storage for a recurring payment. Users may also need to monitor their backup size to ensure it remains within the limits set by Google Drive.

The impending change in WhatsApp backup policy is an important consideration for Android phone users who depend on Google Drive for cloud storage. As WhatsApp backups begin to count against Google Drive storage limits, users may need to reassess their backup strategies and consider alternative storage options. With these changes set to take effect in the coming months, users must plan accordingly to ensure their data remains secure and accessible.

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