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On the eve of Putin and Biden’s appeal, Moscow “Our relationship with Washington is unhappy”


Twenty-four hours before the virtual meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and American Joe Biden, the Kremlin described the state of US-Russia relations as “extremely unfortunate”.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed that the two leaders’ appeal on Tuesday will focus on what Russia sees as a creeping NATO expansion towards its borders and the long-term security guarantees Putin said Moscow had. need from the West.

Last month, US officials noted unusual movements of Russian forces near Ukraine and raised fears of what they described as a possible Russian invasion, but Moscow called the comments alarming.

Moscow wants guarantees

Putin said he wanted legally binding guarantees that NATO will not expand east and a pledge that certain types of weapons will not be deployed. in countries neighboring Russia, including Ukraine.

Putin is also expected to raise the possibility of holding another US-Russia summit with Biden, as the last time the two met in Geneva was last June (2021).

White House

And the White House had stated that Biden would discuss 3 main issues with his Russian counterpart: strategic stability in the world and between the two countries, Internet issues and regional issues.

As the list of contentious issues between the two countries grew, it included Russia’s demand for security guarantees from NATO that would not extend east, as well as the immigration issue. in Belarus and the question of the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

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