On the occasion of the International Press Day … a bad reality for Turkish journalists

The Turkish Journalists Syndicate said in a report released by the Syndicate on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day that Turkish journalists suffer from human rights abuses and state repression.

The Syndicate confirmed in his report, which is a survey on freedom of the press in the country in contained the past and published on Monday that die Turkish public prosecutor’s office has sentenced two journalists to a total of 226 years, eight months and 25 days in prison. “43 are journalists in imprisoned in Turkey for the news reports they published. “

The syndicate reported that 57 journalists had 144 days in 2020 in Police custody while six journalists in Police custody were beaten.

The report revealed that “belonging to an armed organization” and “spreading a terrorist organization” die are the two most common charges brought against journalists by the Turkish Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The journalist syndicate in Turkey stated that “the Supreme Council for Turkish Radio and Television, RTÜK for short, fines on opposition channels in Has imposed a total of about seven and a half million Turkish lira “.

The Turkish public prosecutor’s office also blocked and ordered access to 1,411 messages from 62 different sources last year die Removal of 13 messages from the Internet.

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