On the photo of the plane packed with passengers . an American clarification

After becoming famous with a photo of hundreds of Afghans stacked inside it, the U.S. Department of Defense revealed that the military transport plane took off on Sunday. from the cable It carried an unprecedented number of 823 passengers.

The initial estimate was that 640 Afghans were transported in minibus over the track, but did not take in considering 183 children, most of them seated in arm to parents, according to an explanation released by the military air command, according to AFP.

It is also a record for a C-17 Globemaster III military transport aircraft, more than double its carrying capacity.

The Pentagon did not specify the number of crew members for this plane, which took off on Sunday in emergency circumstances.

“Testimony of the humanity of our soldiers”

In addition, the US military command confirmed yesterday Friday that the plane “peacefully transported 823 Afghans from Hamid Karzai International Airport,” after trying on Tuesday to reduce the atmosphere of haste and chaos that prevailed in the evacuations.

General Hank Taylor, speaking on behalf of the Pentagon, said the photo “attests the humanity of our soldiers in their mission.”

Tens of thousands of people were reported to have tried to flee Afghanistan after the conquest of Afghanistan Taliban Sunday in Kabul, with the withdrawal of US forces after 20 years of military presence in this country.

From Kabul Airport (archived by Associated Press)

From Kabul Airport (archived by Associated Press)

13 thousand people

President Joe Biden announced on Friday that he could not guarantee the “final result” of the evacuation to Kabul, calling it one of the “most difficult in history”.

He also pointed out that the US has evacuated 13,000 people from Afghanistan since August 14 and 18,000 since July, as well as thousands on special flights “operated by the US government”. He also affirmed his country’s commitment to evacuate all Afghans who assisted the United States in its operations in Afghanistan during the war.

During the evacuations at Kabul airport (Reuters Archive)

During the evacuations at Kabul airport (Reuters Archive)

Interestingly, Biden comes under criticism due to the chaotic evacuation scenes taking place at the Kabul airport and the assertion of authorized Afghans to leave that the Taliban prevented them from reaching the airport.

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