On this date … Apple announces the presentation of the iPhone 13 phones

The giant Apple has announced the date of September 14, as the date for its awaited virtual event to unveil the iPhone 13 phones and the latest smart devices and their innovations, according to an official invitation that reached the media Tuesday evening.

The company is expected to unveil the seventh generation of its smartwatches and possibly the iPad Pro, as well as new Macs, according to an official statement.

Since 2013, Apple has been used to introducing new iPhones around September. The tech giant, which launched a redesigned iPhone with 5G technology last year, is not expected to make any drastic changes quest’year, as most analysts point to minor technical updates to the phone’s processor and camera system.

Modest updates

For his part, Samik Chatterjee, an analyst at JPMorgan, wrote in a note: “Refresh rates peaked in 2021 for 5G and we expect refresh rates to be modest, but will continue to lead to significant activity in 2022,” adding that he still expects a record year in sales. of the iPhone SE at a low price.

In addition, according to rumors, the new Apple phones could carry more powerful cameras with greater zoom capabilities, as well as support screens with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, as well as support for the fingerprint sensor at the bottom of the screen. alongside its arrival with a smaller bump than the previous generation – with a front-facing camera and a Face ID sensor for facial recognition.

On this date … Apple announces the presentation of the iPhone 13 phones


4 versions

Interestingly, iPhone 13 phones could come with 4 versions and will likely carry the A15 processing chip, which is expected to deliver faster performance with more AI techniques.

A Bloomberg report indicates that the new range of smartphones is expected to improve portrait mode functionality in video shooting and also have a better quality video recording format.

Portrait mode uses the phone’s depth sensor to focus on faces by blurring the background, allowing amateur photographers to take high-quality photos.

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