Once again about the origin of Corona .. reveals the director of the “CIA”

Following a request from US President Joe Biden, the US Secret Service (CIA) is playing a very active role in the investigation to find out the origin of the corona virus, which die World has occupied, but it seems that the secret of the origin of the virus is still unknown.

Agency director William Burns confirmed yesterday, Thursday in an interview with the American radio “NPR” that die His country’s authorities have not yet made a final statement die Origin of the virus.

He added that no definitive conclusion could be drawn as to whether the virus was caused by an accidental laboratory leak or through natural transmission from infected animals to humans, noting that die Authority work hard to die To find out the truth.

He also stated that “the issue is not just an academic problem as it affects not only hundreds of thousands and millions of people around the world, but for die Future is necessary. “

“China was not transparent”

He added: “Knowing the origin of Corona, which caused a pandemic of this magnitude, is not just for die United States, but for die whole world important. “

And he pointed out that “die The Chinese government was not transparent and did not fully cooperate with the World Health Organization’s investigation at the outset. “

Once again about the origin of Corona .. reveals the director of the “CIA”


China yesterday criticized the organization’s proposal to review its laboratories as part of an expanded investigation into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic, saying it showed “disrespect” and “arrogance towards science”.

Beijing has repeatedly insisted that die The theory of the virus leak was “absolutely unlikely” and referred to the completion of a joint mission by WHO and China in Wuhan last January.

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