Once again . “Al-Houthi” bombed Al-Thawra hospital in Taiz and sentenced Al-Eryani

The Yemeni Minister of Information, Muammar Al-Eryani, condemned the attack by the Houthi terrorist militia of the Al-Thawra hospital in the city of Taiz with a series of mortar rounds.

Al-Eryani explained on Sunday that the Houthi bombing caused material damage and a state of fear and panic among the management, staff and visitors of the hospital, which has provided services to thousands of people in the besieged city for seven years. according to the official Yemeni news agency “Saba”.

He also pointed out that, after the coup, Al-Thawra hospital and a number of government and private hospitals, schools, facilities, infrastructure, private interests and citizens’ homes in Taiz city were subject to hundreds of indiscriminate attacks by the Houthi militia, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of civilians, dead and wounded, in flagrant violation of international laws and agreements.

Take firm positions

Al-Eryani was surprised by the continuing silence of the international community, the United Nations and the United Nations and American envoys in on the war crimes and crimes against humanity to which the Taiz Governorate, which comprises the largest population group in Yemen, is subjected.

He called on the international community to assume their responsibilities and take firm positions to stop the sniper and bombing of civilians and civilian objects by the Houthi terrorist militia in the city and to include the militias and their leaders on the international terrorist lists.

Indiscriminate bombing

Interestingly, the Houthi militia launched an indiscriminate shelling late Saturday evening, targeting the Al-Thawra Hospital Authority in Taiz and a number of residential neighborhoods surrounding the hospital.

Medical and local sources report that two bullets fired by militias from their positions on the eastern side of the city, one of them fell in a section of the hospital in restoration, causing material damage, while the other fell near the north wall of the hospital.

He also added that 3 other militia bullets targeted the Al-Huda neighborhood in the Shamasi neighborhood, near the Al-Thawra hospital, causing terror among the residents.

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