Once again, Russia: we have taken control of Lyman

Amid conflicting stories, Russia returned and announced its complete control of the city of Lyman, located in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine.

On Saturday, the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that its forces had taken full control of the city after destroying several command centers and a group of ammunition depots belonging to Ukrainian forces in the Kramatorsk region.

conflicting stories

This confirmation came after pro-Russian separatists announced Friday morning control of the strategic city of “Liman” in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine, after several days of fighting between the two sides.

While hours later, Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Yury Sak completely denied the matter.

At the time, he confirmed that his forces were repelling Russian attempts to advance in in the midst of heavy bombing.

In an interview with Al-Arabiya, the Ukrainian official also asked to provide his country with heavy weapons to confront Moscow’s weapons in the east, declaring the use of Western weapons to defend Ukrainian territory, according to him.

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important intersection

Interestingly, Lyman is an important railway hub, opening the way to major cities such as Sloviansk and Kramatorsk.

Since last March, Russian forces have started the second phase of their military operations in Ukraine, in order to control the Donbass region, whose Moscow residents believe have been the subject of several violations by Kiev.

If Russian forces fully control this important region, Moscow will be able to connect the regions to the east with Crimea (south), which it annexed to its territory in 2014, and to open a land corridor between them.

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