One apple a day can cure depression!

According to research, eating one apple a day can help prevent depression.

The researchers interviewed about 430 adults to find out how their eating habits affect their mental health.

The results showed that people who ate the recommended five pieces of fruit each day were less likely to develop depression.

Meanwhile, the opposite was true for people who liked to snack on potato chips. However, no such references to the consumption of vegetables were found.

The authors argued that the positive benefits of the fruit may be due to people eating it raw.

Vital antioxidants, fiber and micronutrients important for brain function can be lost during the cooking process.

“Changing what we snack on can be a very simple and easy way to improve our mental health,” says lead author Nicola Jayne Toke of Aston University in Birmingham.

A study published in magazine British Nutrition, survey of 428 healthy adults aged 18 to 60.

Everyone was asked how often they ate fruits and vegetables per day, ranging from never to at least five.

Participants were also asked how often they ate sweets (such as candy bars or cookies) or delicious processed snacks (such as chips).

The questionnaire also asked them to rate how happy, sad, anxious, alert, sleepy, or hungry they are.

They were asked questions to determine their levels of depression, anxiety, and general mental health.

The researchers adjusted for age, gender, body weight, physical activity, general health, and alcohol use.

Fruit consumption was strongly associated with lower levels of depression and higher mental health scores. Eating tastier snacks has been associated with higher levels of anxiety, as well as “daily mental retardation.”

The team didn’t suggest how much fruit you should eat to see an improvement in mental health, and didn’t suggest the maximum number of chips you should eat.

Source: Daily Mail