One of Rainbow Six Siege’s first maps gets an overhaul in the new season

Oregon, one of the maps that introduced with Rainbow Six Siege in December 2015, will be getting a facelift when Year 5, Season 1 launches. Ubisoft Montreal designers showcased the changes at today’s Six Invitational, the world championship competition for Siege. There’s likewise a great breakdown of what the changes include at 5:01 of this video.

Nicholas Jolicoeur, a level designer, strolled Six Invitational participants through the new floorplan, mentioning where the old map had actually stagnated and what he has actually done to refresh that up. “After all this time, the players have kind of figured it out,” he acknowledged. It’s specifically crucial to alter the map considering its frequency of usage in esports.

Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft.

Oregon is set in a survivalist substance in the Pacific Northwest, thus its name. Its main structure has 3 levels, and there’s likewise a little office tower with which most hardcore Siege players are back-of-the- hand familiar. In the upgrade, an broadened freezer area will be added to the basement, providing Attackers a new wall to break through and a new path to the goal.

The Tower area will no longer home the goal, since that had actually broken down to “an easy three-step win for the Attackers,” Jolicoeur stated. “Pop in some smoke, send Montagne, send the defuser right after him, back up, and profit. It’s not that easy, but it’s not that interesting either.” The goal has actually now transferred to the conference room or the cooking area. A new corridor links those 2 locations, making it a shared goal for both sides. The bigger tower likewise has a new path that bypasses the conference room on the method into the structure.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Space Edge, the first season of the game’s 5th year, does not yet have a launch date. Its 2 most recent operators, Oryx and Iana, will be offered on public test servers starting Monday. There will be a Year 5 panel tomorrow at 4: 30 p.m. EST, throughout which more information are anticipated, as the Six Invitational winds to a conclusion.

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