Home World One soldier was killed and 3 wounded by UNIFIL, South Lebanon

One soldier was killed and 3 wounded by UNIFIL, South Lebanon

THE media Lebanese cited information stating that one person was killed and a number injured by UNIFIL forces, after a dispute between people in south Lebanon and UNIFIL that included gunfire.

UNIFIL forces took a different route than the normal route in thearea of Al-Aqabiya, which required the objection of the population of the region. The objection has transformed in a discussion and in a shooting.

While attempting to get away from the scene of the trouble, the patrol struck a citizen in the area, but was slightly injured.

Their vehicle was involved in an accident while trying to get away from the problem site, which caused it to overturn, injuring 4 members.

The Irish Defense Forces said in a statement that an Irish soldier of the maintenance mission of pace of the United Nations was killed in Lebanon last Wednesday when a convoy of two armored vehicles, carrying eight soldiers and heading towards Beirut, came under small arms fire.

The statement added that another member of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) is in critical condition after being operated on after the crash, while two other soldiers are receiving treatment for minor injuries.

“We confirm with great sadness that one of our strengths of pace she was killed in a serious accident in Lebanon last night,” the Irish Defense Forces said.


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