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People who have recovered from a previous COVID-19 infection appear to have a lower risk of developing the delta variant than those who received two doses of the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine.

This is evidenced by the largest real-world analysis comparing the natural immunity gained from a previous infection with the protection afforded by one of the more potent vaccines. in use today, as infections were less common in those who have recovered.

The research paper prepared by researchers in Israel contrasts with previous studies, which showed vaccinations provided better protection from previous infections, although those studies weren’t on the delta mutant.

These findings are good news for people who have successfully battled COVID-19, but they show the challenge of relying solely on vaccinations to survive the pandemic.

People who were given two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine were six times more likely to develop a delta infection and seven times more likely to develop symptoms of the disease than those who recovered from the virus.

“This analysis showed that natural immunity provides stronger and longer lasting protection against infection, disease symptoms and hospitalization. in hospital because of the delta variant, “the researchers said, according to Bloomberg.

The analysis showed that the protection obtained from the previous infection also decreased over time and the risk of one case of delta penetration, or what is known as a “breached” infection, was 13 times higher than the risk of a second infection after the original disease had occurred in January or February 2021.

Giving a single injection of the vaccine to those who had previously been infected also appears to increase their protection, but the long-term benefit of the booster dose, which is just starting to be given. in Israel is not yet known.

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