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Operation Tango Hotfix Patch 1.03 released – Update on June 5th


you want for know thing? new patch for Does the Tango operation contain? We tell you what bugs they were fixed and stuff improved in the game.

The new Operation Tango Update 1.03 can be downloaded and installed now, for all platforms. Unfortunately we don’t know the size of the file.

Operation Tango Update 1.03

  • Improved clarity of game of stacks lined up in mission 4
  • Fixed three objectives assigned too soon
  • Still movies sometimes don’t playing for the hacker
  • Fixed the case in which the hacker regenerated away from his own hierarchy by entering in a knot during a gameover
  • Fixed crash in mission 2 when you hack the panel on the 3rd floor
  • Fixed issue with incorrect respawn location in mission 2
  • Fixed issue with hacker blocking in transit when entering the cameras in Mission 2
  • Fixed players not being able to finish Mission 4 by pressing the button at the same time
  • Fixed access code from the room prove in mission 5 which sometimes not work
  • Fixed problem in mission 6 caused of throwing an emp mine as you are detected
  • Fixed wrong translation in German that made defusing the bomb impossible in mission 6

Our information comes from the Steam database, right here. Operation Tango is currently available for free in the PS Shop until 10 June.

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