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Opium on the streets in Afghanistan and the Taliban lose their sight

For many years, the opium trade has been a cornerstone of wealth in Afghanistan, which produced thousands of tons of this drug in the 1990s, mostly 3 years after the start of Taliban rule.

It seems that the movement’s return to power since last August (2021) has revived this internationally prohibited trade, as several markets have flourished, while the Taliban seem to have moved away from the issue, letting this trade run its course!

opium in public!

A new market in the city of Talukan, capital of the northeastern state of Takhar, has seen dozens of traders practicing in The opium trade varies in degrees, according to a report published Sunday by the “Wall Street Journal”.

And this crowded market has appeared ever since the Taliban came to power, when plastic bags full of narcotics were displayed on the streets. in public.

poppy instead of wheat

In parallel, farmers in the province of Kandahar, the cradle of the Taliban, began growing poppies on land where they grew wheat or corn.

As for the Taliban intelligence official who is present in the opium market in Talukan, his only concern was to ask foreign reporters in visit to leave, for not documenting what is happening there, justifying that people are “starving”!

Opium cultivation in Afghanistan (AFP)
Opium cultivation in Afghanistan (AFP)

false promises

The Taliban had previously promised that they would eradicate the country’s multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry, which accounts for 85 percent of world opium production, by the end of August.

But after just three months, the poppy growing season began to blossom, contrary to the movement’s promises.

On the other hand, statements by the spokesman for the Taliban interior, Qari Saeed Khosti, revealed the apparent contradiction between the movement’s actions and words, as he claimed that the movement’s authorities in Kabul are still serious in dealing with the drug trafficking in Country.

Opium cultivation in Afghanistan (AFP)
Opium cultivation in Afghanistan (AFP)

He said the Taliban government’s goal was to prevent “drug growth and trade”.

It is noteworthy that during the 20 years of American presence in Afghanistan, the Taliban used drug trafficking to finance their own insurgency.

Last year, thearea cultivated with poppy in Afghanistan has increased 37 percent to 554,000 acres, according to estimates by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

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