Opposition is prohibited in Hezbollah circles in Lebanon. Bullying and betrayal

The electoral battle in Lebanon began stepping up less than 20 days before the parliamentary deadline, on May 15, after the candidate chart and alliance map in the electoral districts had been completed.

This time the elections acquire considerable importance, above all in specific constituencies that for years have been considered a “bastion” for traditional forces, due to the difficulty of violating them by opposition parties, since it seems that this rule will change today with the emergence of opposition lists in competition to reserve them parliamentary seats in the parliament of 2022.

change impulse

In this context, the “Second South” district, which includes Tire and the villages of Sidon, and the “Third South” district, which includes the districts of Bint Jbeil-Nabatiyeh, Marjayoun and Hasbaya, which are the main strongholds of Hezbollah and Amal’s movement, which the opposition is trying to violate, is prominent, over the shifting pace caused by the October 17, 2019 uprising in the country, and the discontented voices of the opposition against the policy of the Shia duo.

This is the first time that the opposition forms two lists complete against Hezbollah and Amal in their stronghold in the south, which poses a challenge for them in order to close the door on any parliamentary violation of their representation.

In an act that reflects the Shiite duo’s “concern” for the opposition movement and its rejection of the “idea” of a different opinion in the sect, the “Together for Change” list in the second district of the South, supported by independents , he was stoned, insulted and shot to prevent him from leaving his electoral platform.


The candidate, Sarah Sweidan, of the Second Southern constituency, told Al Arabiya.net: “What happened during the launch of the list is the ‘bullying’ whose heroes are elements of Amal, and unfortunately the security forces did not do their duty to protect us, so we ask for international protection for the elections on May 15th. “.

He also confirmed that they will fight the electoral battle against the duo, Hezbollah, the Amal movement and the entire corrupt system, despite the campaign being subjected to intimidation and instigation through the social mediaconsidering this is proof of the duo’s fear of violating their list.

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Establish a strong country

Regarding the political program of the electoral roll, Suwaidan explained, “the candidates seek to establish a state of institutions and citizenship away from political patronage and sectarian division, and also support the construction of a strong state and a strong army” .

And as in the southern second district, also in the southern third district, which includes (Nabatiyeh – Bint Jbeil – Marjayoun and Hasbaya), where the opposition is waging the electoral battle against the Shia duo and their allies with a unified list of October 17 groups and independent figures.

The opposition is trying to breach the list of Hezbollah and the Amal movement, which includes one of the bankers, who was an easy target to target, as he was accused by most Lebanese of being involved with his fellow owners. of banks of exposure to depositors the money.

Break the barrier of fear

The candidate of the third southern constituency, the professor Wafik Rihan, told Al Arabiya.net: “We have decided to lead the electoral battle in aarea which is considered a popular burden for the Hezbollah duo and the Amal movement, having felt the responsibility entrusted to us since the beginning of the uprising on October 17, 2019, in addition to the current situation. “The ugly political and economic situation we have reached following the policies of this duo and their allies in the ruling system. “

He added: “The October 17 uprising broke the barrier of fear and made us raise our voices against practices that have existed for decades.”

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Hezbollah’s actions

Furthermore, he stressed that “the actions of Hezbollah and the Amal movement do not accept the existence of the other opinion, so we fear security problems during the battle”.

He also stressed: “The resistance against Israeli aggression must be under the supervision of the Lebanese state alone, which is not available on Hezbollah, and that its regional activity has its sole responsibility and consequences”.

Violation of the list of Hezbollah and Amal

Furthermore, Rayhan expected “election surprises in the southern third district, violating the two-seat list of the Shia duo, and this depends on the proper conduct of the electoral process and the support of the security forces for election day to prevent attempts to intimidate the citizens. voters “.

Interestingly, the duo, Hezbollah and the Amal movement, rely on the “betrayal” of every voice opposing its policy, so its electronic army is taking on the battle to demonize it through the social media and accusing workers of working for the benefit of “Western Embassies”, and this, according to Dr. Rihani, prepares the atmosphere to create security problems and tensions within the Shia environment.

Hezbollah also promotes in its election campaign the idea that the goal of its opponents in the electoral process is to get a parliamentary majority to target the “resistance and disarm it”.

While Southern opponents claim in their sessions that there is a response to the proposals on the “Together for Change” list, in contrast with the lack of popular enthusiasm among the voters of the duo, Hezbollah and the Amal movement, for many reasons, most in particularly the suffocating economic and financial crisis they are responsible for due to their policies.

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