Opposition leader: The government failed die To solve basic problems of Turkey

The leader of the Republican People’s Party (CHP), Turkey’s largest opposition party, Kemal Kilçdarolu, said that die Turkey’s basic problems exacerbate because the political mechanism of the state does not make sufficient efforts to address problems such as education and die To solve the Kurdish question.

“The political establishment doesn’t use die necessary time and effort to resolve it, “said Kilchdaroglu in a seminar of his party, and so is the Kurdish problem. “

The CHP leader pointed out that die Kurdish question in Turkey fast has become an “international problem”, adding that “die Turkey could have solved this problem of its own free will “.

He accused die Government, die Failing to reform economy, noting that die Turkey has difficulties with monetary policy due to heavy borrowing with unusually high interest rates.

“There die Turkish Republic about to enter in As the second century stands, it must be a very powerful and respected country, “he said.

He continued, “If die democracy in Turkey would have been developed if we had universities, die Environment, die World, the universe and space are spoken. Perhaps serious studies could be carried out in the field of philosophy. “

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