Opposition Leader: Turkey was administered by the Interior Ministry!

The CHP President and the leader of the Turkish opposition criticized: Kemal KılıçdaroluA statement by the chairman of the National Movement Party and an ally of Turkish President Devlet Bahçeli, in which he confirmed the end of the proposal for a new constitution for the country.

“We haven’t seen the text (the draft constitution that Bahceli was talking about), but I think it will abolish the Supreme Constitutional Court, maybe the Supreme Court will be abolished. The (presidential) palace is already hit die Decision, “said Klitsdaroglu.

In an interview with the Yeni Chag newspaper on Tuesday, he also stated that the state is now administered through circulars from the Ministry of Interior, die have made government institutions unreliable to the people. And he added: “State institutions have become unreliable. Nobody trusts the judiciary. Do you trust parliament?”

“very poor”

In addition, he stressed that die Today’s agenda of Turkey is poverty and livelihood, and added in to this connection, that “die Turkey’s real agenda is to make a living. There is extreme poverty, not ordinary poverty. “

Mentioned that Dawlat Bahceli Earlier on Tuesday, he confirmed that his party had completed a draft constitution with 100 articles that would “institutionalize the presidential system”.

He said: “It is now a national duty to prepare a new and interim constitution. Anyone who turns away from this issue, even those who do not speak with superfluous pretexts, must from now on die be prepared for democratic calculation. “

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