Oprah now has something in common with Taylor Swift And Joy Behar

Kid Rock was recently involved in an incident in which he had to be escorted out of the scene after launching a rant against another artist, Oprah Winfrey.

The rage continued to mount more and more, leading to the possible withdrawal of the star from the scene, among the critics of many of his fans.

“I’m like, Oprah Winfrey or Joy Behar, they can be nil … sideways. F- Oprah Winfrey and f- Kathie Lee Gifford. “

He added, “Well, I’m pretty sure Kid Rock is racist. I’m like, F-off, ‘laterally. I am not the bad guy in this equation. I’m the guy you want, he’s pretty cool.

Later, Rock tweeted: “A few years ago, people tried to get me involved in the Oprah Winfrey show. His people wanted me to note five reasons why I loved him, his show … I said: f. End of the story.”

His words seem to have been very controversial, as many also expressed support for what he had to say and he managed to create minor online discussions after the situation.

The problem boiled down to the vulgar nature in which Kid Rock expressed his opinion about Oprah, which did not please the organizers of the event.

It is unclear if his message was the reason for his withdrawal, but that does not seem to be the case.

In fact, no one seemed to show any interest in getting him off the stage until the excetives began to appear fully.

The incident was a source of contention among Kid Rock fans, many claiming he could have gone too far, while others are actively defending him on the Internet.

This is not the first time Kid Rock has been controversial with his actions, and if it’s hard to know if he’s doing it on purpose, he seems to know how to provoke a reaction from his audience, in a way or another.

It remains to be seen what the impact of this incident will be in the long term.


In the past, he attacked Taylor Swift, co-host of The View, Joy Behar, and television presenter Kathie Lee Gifford.

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