Optimizing Efficiency: How Del Grande Dealer Group Used Data Integration to Streamline Operations

Del Grande Dealer Group Implements Advanced Technology for Enhanced Efficiency

Seven years ago, Del Grande Dealer Group found itself burdened by a lack of digitalization. Daily tasks such as sales reporting, payroll management, and inventory tracking were time-consuming and prone to errors due to manual compilation. CEO Jeremy Beaver recognized the need for change and hired Jagdish Rajan as the company’s first-ever Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Charged with modernizing data integration and utilization, Rajan and his team successfully created a data lake, a virtual repository that consolidates massive amounts of data from various sources within the organization. As a result, Del Grande Dealer Group, which operates multiple stores across Northern California, has witnessed a transformation in operational efficiency.

Revolutionizing Daily Operations with Data-Driven Technology

The implementation of the data lake, supplemented by data from CDK Global, has empowered Rajan and his nine-person IT team to develop innovative tools that streamline back-office and front-office functions. These tools have significantly reduced time-consuming steps and generated numerous benefits, such as efficient sales lead generation and the potential for future monetization with partner dealerships. Del Grande now has real-time access to comprehensive data on productivity in various aspects of the business, enabling quick adjustments and decision-making.

Software Tools Driving Efficiency at Del Grande

The talented technology team at Del Grande has developed a range of software tools to enhance its operations. These tools have revolutionized processes such as purchasing vehicles from private parties, aggregating data for cost savings, and streamlining workflows for used-car reconditioning, payroll, bonus calculations, and collections. The implementation of these tools has resulted in significant cost savings for the company and improved compliance efforts.

This advanced technology platform has also facilitated the smooth integration of new acquisitions into the Del Grande Dealer Group. With the ability to seamlessly deploy their technology across newly acquired dealerships, Del Grande has established a unified approach across the entire organization.

Maximizing Efficiency through Technological Innovation

According to Beaver, most dealerships do not have a dedicated Chief Technology Officer, but having one has allowed Del Grande to prioritize technology integration. The utilization of technology has proven essential in improving efficiency and productivity in any business. Beaver encourages other dealerships and dealer groups to explore ways to maximize the use of systems and processes to enhance their day-to-day operations.

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