Oskar Lindblom of the Philadelphia Olympics to vote in 2020

As Philadelphia Fields promotes Oscar Lindblom for his fight against Ewing’s sarcoma, he gathers the support of his teammates, their colleagues around the league and their fans, many of whom show their “support” OscarStrong “.

Now, Reddit is gathering around the 23-year-old, leading a campaign to vote him into the 2020 NHL All-Star Game.

The thread, posted by “arahn17” on the site’s “hockey community,” urges fans to vote for Lindblom in the game, to “show that all hockey fans are with him”. He then links the vote to the vote of the Metropolitan Department.

MORE: Leaflets forward Oskar Lindblom diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma

Already, the thread has received 5,100 updates and 323 comments, many supporting the idea and voting for the Flyers forward.

“We can all vote 10 times a day,” another user named “Pouletchien” posted. “That means that each of us can vote a total of 60 times for Oskar Lindblom. If we all participated in this subreddit we would get about 51.180.000 votes. If we participated 22.500 of us, we could still get 1.350.000 votes. .. let’s make guys happen. “

Prior to the diagnosis, Lindblom led the team in goals with 11 and had a total of 18 points in over 30 games. He is expected to be out for the rest of the season.

Ewing sarcoma is a rare type of cancer that affects the bones and surrounding soft tissue. The overall five-year survival rate for Ewing’s sarcoma is 70%, per the American Cancer Society.

A number of players and teams, including Mika Zibanejad, among others, have published the hashtag and are spreading the word that it is with Sweden’s Gavle, which is local as it fights cancer.

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