Other states are suing the Biden White House over Covid-19 vaccine mandate

A dozen states have filed a lawsuit against The mandate of President Joe Biden for the Covid-19 vaccine for health workers, arguing that the administration is trying to “federalize” public Health policy. ”

plaintiffs in the lawsuit, filed this week, includes attorneys general for the states of Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, South Carolina, Utah and West Virginia.

The lawsuit blows up the Biden administration for “playing legal shell games with the courts “ And “Striving to justify an unjustifiable and unprecedented attempt at federalization public Health policy and decrease the constitutional powers of sovereign states “.

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Biden slapped with ANOTHER cause for vaccination mandate

Biden slapped with ANOTHER cause for vaccination mandate

It’s just the latest legal obstacle for Biden’s vaccine mandate, which requires employers with 100 workers or more request that their workforce be inoculated against COVID-19. Option out of vaccination means addicted need to be tested weekly. employers who disrespect could face thousands in fines, although that hasn’t stopped numerous companies from publicly saying they won’t follow the mandate.

Healthcare professionals, on the other hand, are in more of a difficult situation, since most do not have the option of also undergo test weekly, with vaccinations are required for any healthcare facility that receives Medicare or Medicaid funding.

The lawsuit claims that health care employees should to be in degree of “do-it-yourself decisions on their health “ rather than the federal government.

A fifth court circuit of The appellate judge has already granted a stay on the rule based on a lawsuit from multiple states, including Utah and Texas, setting up the White House to defend legality of the mandate in imminent special hearings on the question. In a statement on Friday, the court reiterated its position on the warrant, saying it presents “Serious constitutional concerns”.

“Federal judges have already stuck one warrant to enter in effect, and the mandate for health worker should don’t be different “ Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen said: of the cause, arguing that the warrant will be lead to staff shortages and could possibly threaten the “access to medical treatment “ than the Americans need.

The dozen states suing Biden join 10 other states that have filed a lawsuit last week over mandates for health worker.

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