Out of his prison … demands a Kurdish leader die Opposition to unite against Erdogan

Saladin Demirtas, the former leader of a pro-Kurdish party, saidDetained since 2016 despite Western demands for his releaseThe Turkish opposition must unite and divide escalating repression, including a lawsuit against its party’s ban.

Demirtaş told Reuters that opponents of the ruling Justice and Development Party under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his nationalist allies should agree on common democratic principles and form an alliance instead of on die Wait for elections scheduled for 2023.

All parties die Side by side for die Wanting to fight democracy must unite

Saladin Demirtas

Demirtaş responded to written questions From Edirne Prison in northwestern Turkey: “All parties, die If you want to fight side by side for democracy, you have to unite. “

He added: “We got middle in illegally abducted from our homes one night and in transformed into political hostages. That’s why we’re proud. “

Last month, a Turkish court sentenced Demirtas to three and a half years in prison for insulting the president. The main case against him, however, continues.

He is being held for terrorism, which he denies. The European Court of Human Rights said his detention was a cover to reduce pluralism and debate, however die Turkey ignored their demands for his immediate release.

Demirtas told Reuters: “The pressure, die Oppression and die Destruction is increasing every day. Therefore, without waiting for elections die Building an actual democratic coalition today will be of great importance and value. “

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