Outer Wilds: A Unique Space Exploration Game | Get it for Less than 15 Euros!

Outer Wilds, a Space Experience Unique

Annapurna Interactive is one of the most unique publishing companies. This subsidiary of Annapurna Pictures does a great job of curating to offer us experiences that are unique and, most of the time, excellent. We thus find in son catalog of games such as What Remains of Edith Finch, Flower, Gorogoa, Journey, Sayonara Wild Hearts and Outer Wilds. It is the latter that interests us today. Outer Wilds is a special space exploration game that plunges you into a world full of mysteries and stuck in a strange time loop. With son journey to the heart of several planets, it is above all the traces of a vanished civilization, the Nomai, that invites us to follow the title. A captivating quest for knowledge and History that makes Outer Wilds an incomparable experience that can only be experienced once.

Besides son gameplay and son quite unique universes, Outer Wilds is also a great success story. It is indeed on the benches of the school that the development of this game began. After having validated son successful master Alex Beachum decides to embark on the Advanced Game Project adventure in order to set up what will become Outer Wilds. Eight years later, the game is acclaimed by the press, players and even ceremonies of all kinds. At the BAFTA Games Awards, it even won the Game of the Year award, ahead of big names in the industry. This success story unlikely, on told you about it in our Legends on Outer Wilds which you can find below. And if the latter makes you want to (finally) take an interest in Outer Wilds, if only to wait quietly for Starfield, know that the game is available for less than 15 euros.

A Game Rated 18/20 for Less than 15 Euros

Where does this story take place? And of course the Xbox online store, . It is on the latter that you can take advantage of this great promotion. With its 10 euros less, the game loses almost 50% of son price. It goes from €24.99 to €14.99. This promotion is only valid for the next 5 days. You will understand, if you want to take advantage of it, you will not have to delay.

Note that it is also possible to afford the Archaeologist Edition at a reduced price. The latter is indeed available at a price of €23.99 during the same period of time (compared to €39.99 in normal times). It contains not only the basic game but also son DLC, Echoes of the Eye. And the least thaton can say is that if Outer Wilds is surprising, son extension is even more so. It adds 7 to 10 hours of play during which you can discover a whole new area but also a slightly different atmosphere. It would be a shame to miss this offer!

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