Outriders Update 1.09 – New features and file size

Today there is a new update for Outriders – We have the full patch notes of June 3 for you.

The new Outriders Update 1.09 it has now been transferred and can be downloaded. On PS5, the file size is around 630MB, but it can vary depending on on the platform.

One of the best new things are, a ban was added and you can’t kick anymore players before the end of an expedition.

Notes on patch by Outriders 1.06

  • Implemented a block that prevents players from kicking others players towards the end of an expedition session.
  • Implemented region-based matchmaking to improve quality of multiplayer connections.
  • Login signature updated in text to better reflect the current signature in processes step.
  • Fixed crash is memory leak problems.

source: Reddit

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