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Outstanding technologies in smart home devices. Get to know them


The CES 22 conference was filled with a lot of new technologies that were announced within it and smart home technologies took the lion’s share in these announcements, as many companies have announced new products and technologies that help develop the use of smart home devices of all kinds.

It looks like smart devices home are finally starting to evolve by developing ways of communicating between different devices to work together more easily.

This means that several smart home devices are starting to focus on sharing information with each other rather than just one job. Thus all devices come to work together to complement each other. For example, when the smart vacuum cleaner finishes picking up the food crumbs, it goes to the smart bin, which disposes of its load.

According to Mitchell Klein of the Z-Wave Consortium, we are now in the phase of a connected home rather than a smart home, but five years later we have the first conscious smart home.

The new development of smart home devices relies heavily on standard Matter that facilitates communication between various smart devices. Many companies have begun to pay attention to the new standard and to integrate it in meaningfully with their devices.

Smart lights and surveillance cameras in the smart home

Smart bulbs are one of the first smart home devices to emerge from businesses, along with home security cameras.

The CES 22 conference brought a wide range of smart lights and surveillance cameras, guided by the Eve outdoor camera equipped with a rain light. The camera is compatible with Apple’s Homekit smart home system and will be released in April 2022.

Sync has also launched a range of smart light bulbs and sockets at various price points. In addition to an intelligent temperature sensor with more than one room sensor and an external surveillance camera.

Smart bulb prices start at $ 12 per bulb and are issued in March, while the outdoor camera is released in February priced at $ 100.

The thermometer comes in at $ 120 with a set of room-specific sensors and comes in at $ 30 per room. Sara in sale this January.

TP-Link also announced a new range of smart devices under the Tapo brand. Includes a set of smart bulbs that work with Apple Homekit and a set of smart sockets and switches.

Tapo devices will come out questyear, plus a new cloud camera in able to record directly to MicroSD cards without the need to upload recordings.

Intelligent security company Abode has announced a new door bridge wireless equipped with a camera and a series of new smart lights.

These devices do not need to be connected to the Abode home network. But you can contact them if you have an Abode security hub.

The smart door part works via a built-in battery that works up to 6 months connected and connects via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to Alexa or Google devices, and is equipped with a camera in capable of recording 2K video with the ability to identify people and a viewing angle up to 160 degrees.

The new Abode smart doorbell comes with one piece in more than serving as an internet hub to extend your internet reach wireless, but a subscription to Abode services is required to be able to record video and return to it in a second time.

Sengled also revealed a number of smart light bulbs in able to monitor sleep cycles as well as a number of important vital indicators.

Smarter safety devices

Many companies have started to deal with smart home security by offering various security solutions. Arlo revealed his new security system.

The new security system works through a central security hub which is connected to a group of external sensors and contains a keypad for entering passwords and stopping the alarm.

You can also turn off the alarm via your phone and use NFC technology in it. The company says it will be available for sale in the first half of the year.

And Bosch has launched a new safety hub that doubles as an air quality consultant. It also has a motion sensor to alert the user when they enter in home.

The hub works over the Internet wireless or eSIM. It is suitable for those who like to travel a lot.

The Ring company has added a sensor to capture the sound of glass in shatters in its new safety devices and the sensor can pick up sound from a distance of about 7 meters.

More support for it standard Matter for smart home devices

Many companies have recently begun to take an interest in standard Matter for smart home devices and its connection Thread that connects the devices together.

Eve presented hers prime smart curtains based on Thread connection. It is compatible with Apple’s voice assistant and HomeKit technology.

Schlage, known for developing smart locks, also announced it is releasing the first smart lock that supports it standard. It also works with the Apple Smart Key for locks.

Nanoleaf, responsible for the development of smart light bulbs of different colors e design, claimed that all of its devices act as hubs for the Thread network.

This means you can use it to set up your network and connect it to any HomePod or Apple homekit-enabled device.

Finally, Aqara has launched a new range of smart door and window sensors that work with Thread technology. The sensors also work with Apple’s HomeKit technology, Alexa, and Google’s smart home. He also stated that he intends to upgrade all of his devices to work with the new one standard Matter.

Smart kitchen and bathroom appliances

Smart kitchen appliances are still one of the most important aspects of a smart home, and therefore many new technologies related to them appeared at CES 22.

These new announcements include Kohler’s Perfect Tub Fill technology which helps you adjust the water temperature and fill the tub with a voice command.

This technology was previously announced at CES 2019 and the technology works on a range of installed smart devices in bathroom and its price reaches $ 2,600.

Moen has also launched a smart water tap that works directly via voice commands and you can use Google Assistant or Alexa with it.

The company also said the smart faucet works with the rest of its smart water systems to provide a complete experience of a fully smart water system.

And the Samsung Family Hub smart refrigerator has a new design and a new 21.5-inch screen size without bezels. And I have become in able to know the products inside and notify users about them.

Whirlpool has released a new update for smart oven devices to perform the functions of a smart air fryer and this update only reaches some smart ovens.

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