Over one million and two hundred thousand beneficiaries of the territorial guidance service in multiple languages

Vice President General for Languages ​​and Translation, Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al-Hamidi, confirmed that the number of beneficiaries of the Agency’s services for languages ​​and translation during the blessed month of Ramadan has reached over 1.2 million, ( 1226359) beneficiaries of spatial orientation, and (2094) beneficiaries of the orientation initiative for enrichment in languages. And (1258) Beneficiaries of Departmental Support with Field Translation, (1062) Beneficiaries of the Grand Mosque Landmark Initiative, (836) Beneficiaries of Exhibition Participation, (34) Beneficiaries of the Signpost Revision and Correction Initiative , and (22960) of the sermon translation of Eid prayers.

Al-Hamidi said that one of the priorities and interests of the Agency is the kindness and benefit of those who visit the Two Holy Mosques and the delivery of his noble message to all parts of the world. in several languages.

The Director of the Department of Space Orientation, Amer bin Muhammad Al-Matrafi, added that the services, with their results, meet the needs of the beneficiaries.

This is done with God’s grace, ensuring success first, and then with the support and care of the wise guide – may God protect her – who emphasized the need to conduct the work. in appropriately, which befits the grandeur of the Grand Mosque’s prestige.