Overcooked! 2 – Winter Wonderland Update now available on Xbox One


  • Winter Wonderland is our last free update for 2019 and it’s fun!
  • There is a hangry horde in a nearby castle that you have to fend off with goodies.
  • This update features five brand new levels in a wintry environment with lots of fun, soothing dishes and two new chefs!

Feliz Navidad cooking fans! It’s time for the finale Overcooked! 2 Update from 2019, and it’s a very Christmassy one!

We had a
packed year with exciting content that has worked great. I would like
Many thanks to the fantastic team that has worked hard since then to create great content
Start in the last year and a half, and you the fans, for your sequel
Support – thanks!

Winter Wonderland is our last free update for 2019 and it’s fun! I will stage the scene: You are on a winter journey through The Onion Kingdom and of course you decide to camp. But there is a hangry horde in a nearby castle that you have to fend off with goodies. Carnival has also left its cannon behind, and you can use it (responsibly, of course!) To get to hard-to-reach places. It’s snowing, the decoration is done and it’s time to cook! You can’t ask for much more at this time of year.

When Team Winter Wonderland cooked, we decided to celebrate some of our previous updates, pay homage to the game and the levels we’ve enjoyed the most since the start. It’s great to go back to previous level topics and tweak them to see what twists you can add. It was really the perfect opportunity for Winter Wonderland to share more of these great levels with you. We have topics from Campfire cookoff. Hangry Horde Night, and Carnival of chaos, This update features five brand new levels, all in a wintry setting, with lots of fun and soothing dishes, and of course – we can’t forget the two brand new chefs!

I think this update really shows our favorite Overcooked pieces! 2 and what we have achieved since our publication in 2018. 2 has grown and now has over 130 different levels that we really love. It’s great to see that players are still enjoying the game and are hungry for more!

We decided early on that we wanted to follow Overcooked! 2 with a big schedule of updates that really advanced the title and kept things interesting. It is very important to us to support our titles in the long term so that fans can have as much fun as possible!

Then it’s time to cook and be happy. Enjoy
the update and merry christmas! (Disclaimer: Bad cooking can lead to tension.)
please cook responsibly).

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