Overwatch 2 Mid-Season Update Release Date Announced: New Hero Mastery Mode and Hero Balance Changes Await

Countdown to Overwatch 2 Mid-Season Update

The mid-season update for Overwatch 2 is highly anticipated by fans, with a release date set for September 7 on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

The patch is expected to be available to download from approximately 6 pm BST UK time. The main attraction of this update is the introduction of the Hero Mastery Mode, which will complement the existing training mode.

The new feature is designed to help players understand the intricacies of each character, with “engaging training courses” tailored to each hero.

The update will also include various hero balance changes, as detailed in the early patch notes.

Blizzard has confirmed the news via an official blog post, reassuring fans that the update has been delayed slightly to ensure it is of the highest quality.

The development team is excited to see players try out the new Hero Mastery Mode and experience the changes to hero balance.

Leaderboard support is available in Overwatch 2: Invasion for players to compete against each other.

However, not all heroes will have their own courses upon launch.

Blizzard is introducing Hero Mastery mode, which offers training courses specifically designed for select heroes to test players’ abilities.

Global leaderboards will be available in Hero Mastery mode to showcase top-performing hero masters worldwide.

Initially, Overwatch 2: Invasion will launch the first courses for a selection of heroes, with additional courses to come in future seasons.

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