Overwatch 2’s PvE Mode Permanently Scrapped as Blizzard Faces Challenges: What’s Next for the Hero Shooter Sequel?

Big news for Overwatch fans! It looks like the PvE mode for Overwatch 2 has been scrapped for good. According to reports, the mode, which only had three missions in 2023, won’t be getting any more content due to poor sales.

It seems like Blizzard is going through some changes, with the PvE department being heavily affected by company-wide layoffs. Developers were told that there won’t be any more planned PvE content for Overwatch 2.

On a more positive note, Overwatch 2 heroes will be free at release starting with Season 10 in mid-April. In a recent developer update, game director Aaron Keller announced that players will no longer have to buy the premium battle pass to unlock new characters. All heroes, including Venture and future additions, will be free for all players when they launch.

It’s been a bumpy road for Overwatch 2, but hopefully these changes will bring some excitement to the game for both new and experienced players.

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