Ozark star Julia Garner marries Mark Foster at private weekend ceremony

Ozark star Julia Garner and Foster the People singer Mark Foster married this weekend in a private ceremony featuring Emmy-winning actress wearing a wedding dress from Hollywood style from the bridal brand Danielle Frankel.

The couple’s friend, designer Zac Posen, posted many photos of the ceremony on his Instagram story that highlighted several details of Garner’s dress, such as the satin bodice and lace details. The short-sleeved dress also had a high neckline and buttons on the back. Foster also opted for a classic look, with a traditional black tuxedo with a white shirt and a bow tie.

Garner posted a black and white photo of herself and Foster in the back of a taxi, and New York City Hall was identified as the location of the Instagram photo. Foster was wearing a white fur coat and holding a bouquet of flowers while looking at the front seat camera from the back seat of the taxi.

Although the couple never confirmed their engagement, an insider told People Magazine that Foster asked the question earlier this year while traveling in Yellowstone National Park. And, on May 2 at the Dirty John FYC panel in Los Angeles, the 25-year-old player had a diamond ring on this finger.

In September, Garner won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the Netflix Ozark series, and she called Foster “the love of my life” in her acceptance speech. After winning the award, Foster couldn’t help but spring from Garner’s surprise victory.

“It took me a while to process the past twenty-four hours and find a moment of quiet reflection after an incredibly surreal weekend. I’m beyond this girl’s pride, “wrote Foster, with photos of Garner holding his Emmy.

Foster also called Garner a “beautiful angel of a human,” and he said that it brought him immeasurable joy at seeing her raised and recognized by her peers, the industry, and fans. The 35-year-old added that Garner deserved all the respect and love, and he considers himself the luckiest guy on the planet to be able to watch her from the front row with a bag of popcorn and his hand wrapped in hers.


The first two seasons of Ozark are available for streaming on Netflix. Season 3 is due out in 2020. And Julia Garner’s new film, The Assistant, is scheduled to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

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