Padma Lakshmi reacts by being confused with Priyanka Chopra by an international magazine

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to be mistaken for someone they look like in public or on social media. But the latest incident appears to have sparked debate among people about such a misnomer. The New Yorker Magazine published a photo of Padma Lakshmi and tagged Priyanka Chopra in the message.

While celebrities often choose to ignore such blunders, Padma Lakshmi took over the case and expressed disappointment before the job was cut. Posing a screenshot of the same thing, she wrote: “Thanks to the illustrious for the cry that I know some of them are all alike, but 🤠· 🠾‍â ™ € ï¸ … #desilife #justindianthings ”

Reacting to this, even actress Natalie Portman left an “Oh no” on the post while someone searched the magazine saying, “It’s the equivalent of marking Christina Aguilera in a photo of Britney Spears . “

We understand that errors do occur, but this has certainly sparked a debate. What do you think?


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