Painful video.. Houthi gang kills and wounds 5 civilians trying to plunder their land by force

An armed gang of Houthi killed and wounded five citizens, during an attack carried out to loot their lands in the “Bajel” district of Al-Hodeidah Governorate in western Yemen.

Sources of the media locals and Yemenis said a gang affiliated with the Houthi militia committed a heinous crime against the family of “Bani Abaqa” of the sons of Tahama Al-Azl, from the “Al-Maqsa” area in the Bajel district of Al-Hodeida governorate .

The sources pointed out that the Houthi gang, led by the so-called “Adel Atef”, looted a land belonging to the sons of “Bani Abaqa”, and when the owners of the land tried to defend it, the Houthi gang killed them.

Sources confirmed that the Houthi gang killed both: Hashem Ahmed Hashem Abaqa and Maqbool Ahmed Maqbool Abaqa, while Ali Muhammad Hassan Hashim, Adnan Muhammad Maqbool Abaqa and Muhammad Muhammad Hashem Abaqa were injured.

One of the citizens documented the crime in video before he was shot and passed out in a painful scene that has attracted great enthusiasm, amid calls to transform it in a case of public opinion.

Video in circulation showed the armed gang next to a “digger” they had brought in to dig a water well in the looted earth, and people tried to stop him, but came under heavy gunfire.

After the painful crime, the families of the victims released a statement inviting international human rights organizations and the United Nations mission in Hodeidah to intervene to arrest the gang and stop the theft of their land.

The Houthi militia is conducting an organized campaign to loot and plunder the lands of citizens in Hodeidah and the various areas under its control.

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