Pakistan airline suspends flights to Afghanistan due to Taliban ‘heavy hands’

The airline said conditions had deteriorated since the Taliban formed new Afghan government last month and that “PIA and its staff function” in Kabul were treated with very heavy handed by the new [Taliban] commanders.” PIA said commanders were “changing regulations and flight clearances” last moments of decision in a whim in instead of meeting international regulations.”

the explanation also claimed PIA’s country representative was “detained” up Bee gun point for hours when he left the Pakistani embassy compound” on the “suspicion” of the Taliban of help and encourage” people trying to flee Afghanistan.

PIA also accused the Afghan Ministry of Aviation of to cut half the number of passengers from one flight this week was that already in the process of check in. “This resulted in in 176 people, fleeing for their lives, being sent back home by airline officials, making nearly half a million-dollar loss to the airline as a result of: higher insurance costs,” the airline said.

Despite soothing words, the Taliban are as they were
PIA resumes some charter flights to Kabul on September 13, nearly a month after the Taliban invaded the capital and took control of Afghanistan.

PIA spokesman Abdullah Khan told CNN on Thursday that the decision to resume flying to Kabul “was taken” on purely humanitarian grounds, and on the strong urge of friendly organizations.”

Khan said the insurance premium on these flights is “so high” that it is “simply impossible to operate scheduled flights to Kabul, as it is still considered a war zone by airline insurance companies.”

Khan also said that “it is very frustrating that the rules on change for every flight and the authorities always confuse charter permissions with schedule rights.”

Khan said PIA would re-evaluate her decision to suspend flights “if the situation” on soil improves and [becomes] more conducive for international activities.”

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