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Pakistan .. Journalist killed during the demonstration by Imran Khan supporters

A reporter was crushed to death on Sunday in Pakistan following a political rally led by former Prime Minister Imran Khan, a senior police officer said.

Salman Zafar, an assistant supervisor in Kamuk, a town on Al Masirah Road, said 36-year-old Sadaf Naeem, a TV reporter who works for Channel 5 in Lahore, was crushed to death after slipping out of Khan’s truck.

Khan’s caravan was in journey through Punjab province to Islamabad on the third day of the march.

Protesters were challenging Khan’s successor, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, and his government to demand early elections.

Khan’s convoy team invited a few reporters at a time in top of the truck to talk to Khan.

“Shocked and deeply saddened by the tragic accident that led to the death of Channel 5 reporter Sadaf Naeem on our march today,” said Khan in a tweet.

She added: “I can’t find the words to express my sadness, my prayers and my condolences to the family. in this tragic moment. Today we canceled our march “.

Sharif also expressed his condolences to the family in mourning Naeem, announcing the provision of approximately $ 20,000 as a donation to her relatives.

Sharif wrote in a tweet: “Very saddened by the death of journalist Sadaf Naim after falling from the container of a long march”.

He added: “I cannot express my sadness enough for this tragic incident. Our sincere condolences to the family. Sadaf Naim was a lively and hardworking journalist. We pray that the family of the deceased will inspire patience.”

Naim was the breadwinner of his family and worked as a journalist for 12 years.

Pakistani officials said they would pay for the life and education of her two children, one aged 17 and the other 21.

Many of Khan’s 10,000 supporters packed hundreds of trucks and auto left Lahore on Friday.

The convoy of the journey, which should culminate in an open demonstration in Islamabad could represent a major challenge for the new government.

It is also possible that the demonstration could turn violent if the police tried to disperse Khan’s supporters.

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